These guidelines are essential now more than ever. Please follow them carefully.
-KEEP THE BANDAGE ON UNTIL YOU GET HOME TO WASH IT. No Show and Tell. Share a picture later. 
DAY 1 (The day you get the tattoo) - Day 4:
-Take bandage off and wash thoroughly with mild soap and warm water.
-Rinse well and dry with paper towel. 
-Apply a THIN layer of protective ointment (AQUAPHOR, BURTS BEES HAND SALVE, A&D, TATTOO GOO) and leave uncovered if possible.
-USE WISE JUDGEMENT during the first few days - I will have grilled you thoroughly about your life and home environment, and daily activities so we can plan how you can heal smartly in this challenging time. 
-If a wrap is needed, wrap with plastic film no more than a few hours at a time. Wash immediately after and reapply a THIN layer of ointment.
-Do not scrub, pick or scratch. Clothing can be irritating and you can lose ink/cause an infection, so go loose, stretchy, or none if at all possible. 
DAY 5 to WEEK 6:
-Discontinue multiple washings, switch to a heavy lotion or balm (SHEA BUTTER, COCOA BUTTER, BURT'S BEES HAND SALVE) 
-Avoid soaking, submerging in water till 4 week mark. Showers are encouraged. 
-Apply sunblock to preserve tattoo vibrancy/darkness.
-Tattoos are art in skin, and I like to tell clients "Your skin doesn't care about your tattoo". This means sometimes even with great care, your skin will heal unevenly or lightly. We can usually get you in for a free touch up to brighten any areas that didn't make the heal. This service is free for two months from your tattoo's one-month birthday. After that it is a minimal fee. 
Never hesitate to call or write with any questions.