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DAY 1-4:
-Take bandage off and wash thoroughly with mild soap and warm water.
-Rinse well and dry with paper towel. 
-Apply a THIN layer of protective ointment (AQUAPHOR, BURTS BEES HAND SALVE, A&D, TATTOO GOO) and leave uncovered if possible.
-If a wrap is needed, wrap with plastic film no more than a few hours at a time. Wash immediately after and reapply a THIN layer of ointment.
-Do not scrub, pick or scratch. 
-Discontinue multiple washings, switch to a heavy lotion or balm (SHEA BUTTER, COCOA BUTTER, BURT'S BEES HAND SALVE) 
-Avoid soaking, submerging till 4 week mark. 
-Apply sunblock to preserve tattoo vibrancy/darkness.
Never hesitate to call or write with any questions.