Booking a Tattoo at Omera

The latest UPDATES on my schedule and other info are always over on the BLOG page - give that a quick read, then come back and fill out the form below. I AM booking, but if you just want to plan and make a deposit for art/a later appointment at this time due to health concerns, etc. feel free to follow this process as well. You will be placed on a priority list.**
* I always have a collection of flash/art/tattoo designs available, in medium and large scales, I'd like to do for a small to deep discount depending on the piece. Check out the Story Highlights at my Instagram page @teejeibrighamtattoo or email me to inquire. 
TO CONTACT ABOUT BOOKING A TATTOO, PLEASE CLICK HERE. Fill out the form completely and we will get back to you within a few days. Thank you for your interest! 



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