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I am currently accepting bookings for now through April. Email OmeraTattoo@gmail.com with the following info. We will get back to you within a few business days to proceed. 
* I always have a collection of flash/art/tattoo designs available, in medium and large scales, I'd like to do for a small to deep discount depending on the piece. Check out the Story Highlights at my Instagram page @teejeibrighamtattoo or email me to inquire. 


1) Subject matter/theme of the tattoo

2) Sizing in inches (measure; be as accurate as you can. A regular piece of paper is 11” long; half that is 5.5”, for reference.) If you want it to “cover” an area, etc, please measure the area. 
3) Your General or Specific Availability - Days? Evenings? Weekends? Dates in mind? Please provide more than one option if you can.
4) Your phone number, indicate whether voice or text are better. I often continue art conversations via email but it's good to have a text backup.
5) Attach a clear, straight on photo of the area you want tattooed. This helps in sizing, planning, quoting. 
6) Attach 2-4 pics of any reference or inspiration you have. This can be photos, tattoos or drawings. If you don’t have them, indicate that I have artistic freedom and I’ll find some for you. 
Please allow at least a few days for reply. After your request has been reviewed, we will get back to you with how to proceed, which will include a deposit and scheduling arrangements. 


Thank you!