Booking Access

*PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT KEEP BOOKING ACCESS OPEN AT ALL TIMES. If the link below says the booking feature is deactivated, it means we'll need to open it up for you. Drop a line to

Omera is a one-woman business and as such I keep my booking cycles paced out through the year. Please allow several days and sometimes even weeks to hear back; I generally open my books about once a month unless I can get to requests fast enough to book you short-term.


I *DO* have last minute cancellations sometimes, however. Please do email or send in an Inquiry Form, also let me know if you’d like to be added to a Cancellation Email List. 

Please READ ALL FAQS and this page CAREFULLY and understand that you HAVE to talk to me first before you can just book. I will cancel any booking requests that have not been discussed. 


If you have paid your deposit or been given the go-ahead to book without one, choose BOOK NOW below.  

~Email or text 865 424 0990 if you have any trouble or the booking window below isn't working. I only keep it open 1-2 days at a time to avoid backlog. 

If you need to pay your deposit(s), please email, we'll email you an invoice you can pay online. 

then swing back through for the Booking: