FAQ & Policies - Please Read Carefully 

n order to make this a memorable experience that produces great art, there are a few guidelines to the custom tattooing process that you will find helpful. If any of your questions are not answered here, please email OmeraDesk@gmail.com 

If you have already booked and have questions about your visit during the COVID-19 precautionary phases look for an email with details on your appointment process. If you do not see it, check your spam folder. Text the studio line at 865 424 0990 to recieve the file link via text. 

Can I come in and talk to you about a tattoo? What is your address? 

Omera Studio is currently a fully licensed but private, appointment-only studio space. This means when I am at the studio, I am tattooing or seeing scheduled consult clients. I do drawing and administrative work offsite. I currently do not have a receptionist/manager/assistant to receive you and answer questions. This is also the reason I do not freely give out or advertise my current business location until you are booked a time to Consult or get a tattoo. I just can't receive visitors, y'all. Someday it may be different, wink wink...

My booking process is easy and can be completely arranged via email, text, and file exchange., but you are absolutely welcome to inquire and schedule a Consultation in person where we can discuss and plan your tattoo one-on-one.  I generally schedule Consultations around Midday and Early Evening, Tuesday through Saturday. This caps other tattoo appointments for my day and gives us focused time to meet. Email OmeraTattoo@gmail.com to book. 

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

Omera is located in Tennessee; the Tennesee state law is a minimum of 18 years of age, valid current photo ID/License/Passport required. If we are working together at a convention or guest spot out of state, that state's laws apply. 

How much will my tattoo cost? 

My pricing for tattoo work is based on a regional market rate and is currently $140 an hour. I give an estimate/quote for tattoo work when we discuss your specific idea. To discuss your idea, with me, see the BOOKING tab above.

Why do you take a deposit?

It is common practice for established tattoo artists to take a portion of the quoted  project fee as a security deposit. This is an act of good faith that ensures the client can count on an absolutely reserved day and time for their tattoo. This ensures also that, should the client have to cancel, the tattoo artist is somewhat compensated for the loss of income that day. The deposit given is then applied toward the final fee at the end of the appointment. (You'll owe the Balance of the original fee, minus the deposit you paid.) 

What are your payment methods? 

For the deposit, I send an easy online invoice. For the tattoo appointment, I can take cash, and can swipe a debit, credit, or visa/mc gift card. I can also take Venmo, Paypal and Square Cash app.  payments are due upon completion of each tattooing session.  Prepayment for tattooing  for yourself, or gifitng to others, is allowed using Square eGift card value (see gift card tab above to purchase).

What is your cancellation policy? 

-If you cancel within a 72 hour period (3 days) , I keep the deposit and you will have to make another deposit to reschedule. 

-If the Artist has to cancel for health or emergency reasons, your deposit is till valid and we will work to get you rescheduled ASAP. 

When can I see a drawing of my tattoo? How many times can we change it? 

-Your deposit includes 2-3 revisions of the art. I will make sure we are in total agreement as to the specifics of your tattoo idea BEFORE I ask for a deposit. Make sure you are as CLEAR and SPECIFIC about what you want as possible. If you need a guide, visit www.omeratattoo.com/booking to get instructions on what I need from you. 

What if we've gone through changes more than 3 times and I'm still not happy with the design? 

-Please be as clear as you can, using words for shapes, colors, styles, rather than feeling words or general terms. Refer to the things I request  on the Booking page to know what I need from you. If we get to a point where we have revised and reworked the drawing multiple times and you aren’t satisfied, I reserve the right to assess whether or not to refund your deposit based on how many hours I’ve worked on something. I rarely have to do this, but occasionally I must call a cancellation on the project.  Please be as sure as possible about the tattoo you want BEFORE you book. I’m here to guide you if you need, it’s my pleasure to help you create. I will NOT take control over the design unless you absolutely consent. I also cannot read your mind, or see your vision unless we find a way to show me. If you speak better in person or on the phone, let me know. I prefer typing but you may not, so please say so. I am always happy to schedule a time for an in-person Consultation as well. 

Is your question unanswered? Please email OmeraDesk@gmail.com and we will get back to you ASAP with an answer. Thank you!!

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