Get Your Tattoo Before Sunny Season!

Spring is almost here already in the southeast US, and it's the perfect time to get some work done. Tax refunds are coming in, and plans for the year are coming together.

Tattoo Busy Season is beginning already; it's a great time to get your work planned and booked. Tattoos need a little care as they heal, and just like your skin itself, they benefit from protection. Get your work done 4-6 weeks before prolonged sun exposure, swimming, and camping. This is also recommended for extreme sports challenges, marathons, etc.

Don't take chances with your investment! Book ASAP to get your project done and healed before you take your vacation.

More tattoo tips:

--Use a natural/organic SPF 50+ Sunblock.

--Moisturize daily with oil, lotion or cream. Use a salve or balm for healing tattoos.

--Clothing makes the best barrier - wear a shirt, hat, coverup when possible.

--TANS AREN'T HEALTHY. They fade your black and color, not to mention increasing your cancer risk and causing wrinkles.

Aftercare tips:

I sell incredible Tattoo Aftercare Soap and Balm for your fresh tattoos! Affordable little aftercare kits include vegetable oil soap minibar and moisturizing balm. The perfect tried and tested products I love for great heals. Ask at your next visit or email to snag some.

To book a tattoo:

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