We have been notified by the City and County that we can return to working and taking clients provided strict protocols are followed. I am already filling up so act fast if you can.

If you:

-Were scheduled in early March and we had to cancel due to the pandemic;

-have made a deposit or prepaid/bought eGift Cards;

I will be contacting you in the order you were booked/paid to get you booked in. Feel free to drop me a line to remind me as well.

If we didn't have you on a list already, please visit the booking details page to get your project started and booked:



~Masks are REQUIRED to enter the building and studio. I am working on sources for cloth masks and hopefully n95s and will update you as you book. I will be masked and gloved throughout your visit.

~Rigorous deep cleaning and disinfecting between each client visit. Hospital-grade procedures have always been a part of the Omera way.

~If you would like any specifics regarding my practices, please do not hesitate to ask questions. I’ll be happy to disclose my procedures for your peace of mind.

~When you book I will provide specific details about your visit. More info on this process can be found at

Please email or text 865 424 0990 with any questions, or to book a time.

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