Virus Concerns: Open & Keeping Informed

To all my currently booked & prospective clients:

As of March 14 according to my sources, we are still holding strong with one confirmed case of COVID-19 in Knox county, and the patient is in quarantine. I am checking updates several times a day. I will remain open and hold tattoo appointments as planned, keeping a close eye on news and ready to pause appointments whenever it’s deemed necessary for safety.

Safety & Care for my clients will ALWAYS be top priority. I have several *standard* practices I employ daily for 100% safe & clean practices as required by Knox County and Tennessee State Law concerning Tattoo Establishments. These practices include:

-Frequent thorough tattoo artist hand washing & ample facilities available for client hand washing;

-ALL surfaces cleaned and sanitized every day before opening the studio;

-ALL work surfaces cleaned and sanitized before and after every tattoo procedure;

-ALL instruments and materials coming in contact with the client are sterilized or single-use.

In addition, I am working with my private studio location in Bearden to keep all doorknobs and bathroom surfaces sanitized daily. All other suite holders are in agreement and are maintaining vigilant care of our building.

Please do go ahead and schedule; you can make deposits for appointments as soon as next week. My books are also open for April and May if you'd like to plan out further. We are sure we can ride out the adjustments to our routine and continue to safely provide services as long as the experts deem it safe;


PLEASE use wisdom and judgement. If you or anyone you know has a fever, a dry cough, or other symptoms OR has come in contact with someone who has flu-like symptoms, please call and reschedule. Your deposit will be good for a new appointment. At this time we cannot offer refunds on “no shows”, only application of deposit to a later date. Just stay in touch ahead of time. Thank you for your understanding.

I’m already seeing a remarkable sense of community and inventiveness spring up from even the notion of a challenge like this; above all we must do what is wise, and be patient with the flow of it all. Take care and stay in touch. --Teejei

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